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Why take out building insurance?

Landlords will want to make sure their properties have as much protection as possible, in which case it is a good idea to take out buildings insurance. At Landlord Insurance, we offer good-quality cover so you can be confident you'll be protected should anything happen to your asset.

Buildings insurance is a very useful product for property investors to take out, as it covers for the re-building of a residence if a natural disaster occurs that results in damage.

As we have excellent relationships with banks, building societies, finance houses, private equity firms and intermediary lenders, you will be able to rely on us to find you a great deal on your cover.

We also have plenty of experience in the property field, with Landlord Insurance being part of Landlord Mortgages, which has been finding buy to let loans for landlords for many years.

Building insurance - the facts

You won't want to sign up to an insurance product you aren't 100 per cent convinced you need, but building protection is certainly an important cover to consider taking out.

Buildings insurance varies between different providers, but, in general, policies cover the structure of the property, as opposed to its contents. Therefore, if anything should happen to the roof, walls, foundations or floors, you will be able to claim on your insurance to fix the damage.

Here are some things you can expect to find on a typical policy:

  • Protection against storm and flood damage - depending on whether the property is in a flood-risk zone

  • Falling trees or branches

  • Subsidence or landslip, unless you live in an area recognised as being at risk of these

  • Burst pipes and other water leaks

  • Lightning, explosions, fire and smoke

  • Rebuilding the home if necessary

This is just an example of the types of things that are protected under building insurance. However, before taking out a policy, make sure you read the terms and conditions very carefully. Not only should you pay attention to what you're covered for, but also if there are extra benefits, such as temporary accommodation and emergency callouts.

What Landlord Insurance can offer you?

Landlord Insurance should be your first port of call when considering taking out building insurance. With our extensive experience in the field and having helped many buy to let owners over the years, we can find the right product to suit you, your property and your budget.

You could also keep up to date with the latest products and landlord news through our reports page.

If you're interested in taking out building insurance but want to find out more about the policies available for you, speak to one of our friendly staff members at our UK contact centre. They will be able to answer any questions, find a product that suits you and give you advice about whether you need any supplements to the policy.

As part of Landlord Mortgages, you can be confident in our experience and reputation, as we have won the Best Buy to Let Mortgage broker of the year accolade five times, demonstrating our popularity in the field.

So, what are you waiting for? Make the most of our experience and our landlord discounts by calling 0800 917 3324 or emailing us.

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